H-section Steel Products
  • Widely used in large-scale non-residential construction and infrastructure projects as structural supports
  • Flexible facilities currently can produce a variety of large, medium and small H-section steel with size between 100~1,100mm
  • Development of hot-rolled H-section steel used for electrified high-speed railway contact screen support in 2009 has brought in higher profit due to its higher selling price than other H-section steel products
Strips and Strip Products
  • Customized strip products with various specifications: thickness between 2~4 mm and width between 145~735 mm
  • Strips could be further processed into pipes, cold rolled sheets, etc.
  • Integration with Jinxi Jinlan will bring in one of the most important competitive advantages in the Company's strip and strip products business
Cold Rolled Sheets & Galvanized Sheets
  • Cold rolled sheets are extensively used in manufacturing of home electric appliance, hardware, pipes, .etc
  • Galvanized sheets are mainly used in production of civil-purpose sheets
  • Both products are manufactured at Jinxi Jinlan in Foshan, Guangdong province
  • Jinxi Jinlan reconstructed one of its production lines to produce ultra-thin steel sheets used in high-end consumer electronics manufacturing in 2008
  • First steel product in the manufacturing chain
  • Most of the billets are used internally as substrate for downstream steel products
  • The excess billets will be sold to other manufacturers to be processed into rebar, wire rods, angles, .etc
  • Widely used in residential and non-residential projects